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Many organisations, particularly large software enterprises, are implementing the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to drive lean-agile transformation across their teams.

Existing practices don’t always produce the maximum results for an organisation’s investment in IT and can lead to the business failing to compete or deliver the best value to their customers. This is where the need for change often comes from, driving businesses to invest and actively begin their lean-agile transformation.

If you’re new to SAFe and want to understand the basics and how it can help solve your particular challenges, Ivar Jacobson International have a team of SAFe consultants, including the UK’s only two SAFe Fellows, who can advise you first so you can be sure the SAFe methods are right for you. Discover IJI’s SAFe Adoption and Readiness Planning offering and get in touch today.

For those of you ready to drive your team and organisation forward by embarking on the SAFe agile journey, we advise you begin with either the Implementing SAFe or Leading SAFe training courses. IJI is the only SAFe Gold Partner with two SAFe
Fellows, who are recognised market thought leaders, leading its SAFe training programme. IJI instructors bring SAFe to life – teaching the theory with real-world examples and tools that students can take back and begin using immediately.

Courses to get you started:

Reach out to us today to discuss the best training options for you. We are currently running all of our public training courses remotely, so you can learn with our trainers in real-time, online. If you have multiple members of your team to train, we can also arrange private sessions for your organisation only. 

SAFe Agile Training Courses

Corporate plans, team structures and values should always be in motion. But shifting the behavioural and functional culture and mindset of an entire enterprise is a mammoth task. Our Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) training courses break down this process on a granular level, applying the tried and tested SAFe agile methodologies in the most logical form of learning to ensure the Lean-Agile way of working becomes second nature to your large organisation.

From introduction to in-depth, our SAFe Agile Framework training courses follow a set structure of drip-fed theory balanced with proven best practice. The content begins by focusing on a base-level understanding of Lean-Agile principles of the Scaled Agile Framework, moving into leading a successful transformation and finally exploring the continuous implementation of the SAFe framework for your organisation.

There are two options when booking one of our training courses: a publicly-held course taught in various locations across the UK and Europe to several organisations at once or a privately-held course taught exclusively to members of your enterprise. Our consultants tailor the latter curriculum to the specific needs of your industry, your unique organisational structure and business output.

Whichever style of training you choose, our consultants make sure you leave the course with a solid understanding of SAFe  and are fully equipped to become accredited. Upon successful completion of each training course and subsequent exam, you’ll be awarded a SAFe certification to show your eligibility as well as a digital SAFe badge.

The advancements in the courses match developments in organisational roles. For instance, the Leading SAFe course is ideal for executives and managers, while the SAFe POPM is better suited to product owner and product managers. If you’re aiming to become certified as a SAFe agilist, we recommended that learners first complete the core courses.

SAFe Certification

Achieve your SAFe certifications with Ivar Jacobson International. IJI’s team of agile teachers and practitioners consists of 2 SAFe Fellows – the highest level that a SAFe trainer can achieve – 4 SAFe Program Consultant Trainers (SPCT) and 10 SAFe Principal Consultants (SPC). Each member is a first-class expert in their field, having been awarded top-tier SAFe certification through years of applied learning, experience and successfully implementing Scaled Agile Framework to teams of up to 3000 people. IJI is also the only consultancy company to offer Fellow-led training courses in the UK, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

Our qualified coaches are revered for their ability to communicate their vast knowledge interactively, connecting it with applicable theories. This is mirrored with a demonstration of thought leadership enough to inspire teams to feel confident in their abilities and realise their full agile potential at every stage of SAFe.

Why train with IJI?

2 SAFe Fellows

SAFe FellowTwo of the three SAFe Fellows available to train within Europe represent IJI. The SAFe Fellow program recognises individuals who’ve exhibited the topmost degree of SAFe mastery.

Scaled Agile Inc. Gold Partner

Scaled Agile Inc Gold PartnerOur implementation practices and training programs have been approved by Scaled Agile Inc, making IJI an authorised provider of SAFe training courses.

Courses across UK & Europe

UK & Europe SAFe Courses

We teach both public and private courses in locations throughout the UK and Europe, ensuring training for your company is accessible and convenient.

SAFe course locations and businesses we’ve worked with

From London to Copenhagen, our consultants operate the whole range of SAFe courses from major cities across the UK & Europe, providing you with the best SAFe agile training opportunities in places that suit you.

What our clients say

  • "When I talk to people who have tried it now for quite some time (SAFe), I get the feeling it is really working. When they talk today about value creation, it is not just an abstract thing, it is real life. They have experienced that the new way of working has allowed them to create more value."

    Georg Hetrodt, Chief Technology Officer, SimCorp
  • "We never would have been able to make this big change without support from Ivar Jacobson. The practical experience of implementing agile transformations has been crucial to us."

    Pierre Akesson, Sponsor Agile Transformation, Skandia
  • "SAFe provided a great framework to ensure that we have a way of articulating what the business value is, engaging with the business, having a clear view of what the roles and responsibilities are across those groups and then working together collaboratively to ensure that we demonstrate business value and get that enabled."

    Chris Bezuidenhout, CIO Market Finance, Deutsche Bank
  • "Ivar Jacobson has contributed with their experience. They trained us, they coached us, they lead us, and challenged us. It has been a successful year for us."

    Jan Franzen, Head of IT Delivery, Skandia

Scaled Agile Framework FAQs

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a conceptual structure and underlying knowledge base of workflow patterns and proven practices that underpin an organisation and serve as a supporting guide to help large-scale organisations work in a more agile way. Designed by Scaled Agile, Inc., the SAFe methodology has been used by hundreds of organisations to increase productivity and minimise risk, giving them the flexibility to manage complex industry challenges.

There are nine core Lean-Agile principles that Scaled Agile Framework is built on. These theories are the foundation for which all roles and practices of SAFe are based. Each principle must be realised and continuously applied to achieve the desired outcome of SAFe. The nine principles are:

  1. Take an economic view
  2. Apply systems thinking
  3. Assume variability; preserve options
  4. Build incrementally with fast, integrated learning cycles
  5. Base milestones on objective evaluation of working systems
  6. Visualise and limit WIP, reduce batch sizes and manage queue lengths
  7. Apply cadence, synchronise with cross-domain planning
  8. Unlock the intrinsic motivation of knowledge workers
  9. Decentralise decision-making

A fundamental method when constructing and implementing Scaled Agile Framework is an Agile Release Train (ART). It’s a collection of Agile teams (five to twelve individual teams working under the Agile Framework within an organisation) that primarily develop, deliver and operate solutions under the company’s Value Streams (steps that build resolutions to continuously present greater value to the customer).

From flexible to regulated industries, SAFe adoption benefits organisations of all sizes, helping cross-functional teams collaborate under one unified framework. The fundamental benefit of implementing SAFe is its ability to enable teams to adapt to the volatile nature of projects and hierarchies, but there are myriad advantages:

  • Tackles complex challenges
  • Takes full control of risk
  • Increases productivity and efficiency
  • Minimises risk
  • Maximises customer value
  • Boosts predictability
  • Strengthens communication
  • Aligns teams and projects to broad business goals
  • Sustains long-term goals
  • Improve the quality of work
  • Speeds up time to market
  • Accelerates employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Achieves greater transparency

Meet our SAFe consultants & trainers

No two SAFe journeys are the same – discover how our trainers and consultants earned their stripes, the personal attributes that drive their passion and how their own experiences can inspire your team.

Ian Spence - IJI - SAFe Fellow

Ian Spence

Chief Scientist SAFe® Fellow & SPCT

SAFe 5.0 SPCT SAFe 5.0 SPC

Richard Cook - Ivar Jacobson - BW

Richard Cook

Principal Consultant

Brian Tucker - SAFe

Brian Tucker

SAFe® Fellow & SPCT

SAFe 5.0 SPCT SAFe 5.0 SPC

Michael Flynn - IJI

Michael Flynn

Principal Consultant

SAFe 5.0 SPCSAFe 5.0 SA

Keith De Mendonca - Ivar Jacobson - SAFe - BW

Keith De Mendonca

Principal Consultant, SPCT



Brian Kerr

Principal Consultant

SAFe 5.0 SPC

Marika Zep - Ivar Jacobson - SAFe - BW

Marika Zep

Senior Consultant, SPC

SAFe 5.0 SPC

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